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Do you like to eat grilled meat? 

With this BBQ gloves you will be completely protected from the heat and cut! 

You can stay protected while retaining full dexterity in your hand movements.

If you want to lift a hot grateout of your kettle grill or grab a hot burning log in your backyard fire, and looklike a bossdoing it, these are the gloves for you.



Between removing hot pans of cookies from the oven and flipping steaks on the grill, your hands are exposed to a lot of extreme temperatures. Regular potholders don't always do the trick, and trying to rearrange logs with fireplace tools is a cumbersome and dangerous task.

With heat resistance up to 932 Fahrenheit, you’ll be safe from cuts and burns

These gloves are made from cut and wear-resistant Aramid fiber, blended with a soft cotton interior for the ultimate combination of safety and comfort.



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